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idE-Arch is an Architectural office founded in 2007 by Spiros Spiropoulos a licenced architect, educated in London UK with over twenty years experience in multi faceted design.

Located in the Athenian suburb of Holargos the office employ architects and graduates, experienced in a diverse range of architectural projects, and offering a high degree of personalized professional service.

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M.Tsakri-interior designer

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X. Diamantides-civil engineer

 N. Damatis-mechanical engineer-production and management

 A.Barboutsis-Landscape consultant

design process

Understand the Client's needs so as to ensure that not only the design is architecturally individual, but also functional for present and future uses.

xplore in the conception stage new modes on building program and analyze various interpretations according to the client needs.

Develop a project from the inception to completion on an architectural minimalism that will present required space with new sensual possibilities.
Design innovative and contemporary buildings that communicate a minimal sense.
Embody identification elements and sustainable systems that have a distinctive vocabulary for the present and the future.
Incorporate the engineering services, interior & graphic designers, and other specialist consultants, to preserve the aesthetic quality of the building.



Architecture  (Residential, entertainment, workspace, sports, education, cultural, hotels).
(shops, apartments, office space, hotel facilities, restaurants, cafes).
Planning ( strategic approach to multiple urban issues).
Prefab (Designs based on prefabrication systems).




N. Damatis........................Mechanical Engineer -Production & Management.
X. Diamantides ................Civil Engineer.
XOROMETRIS .................A.Agelakis – M.Vidalis - Land Surveyors.
A.Barboutsis....................Agriculture MSc.- Landscape Consultant.
C.ΒΕLIAS ........................Chemical Engineer - Environmental Consultant.


design services



idE-Arch Achitects
Mesogeion 256, Holargos, Athens, GREECE 15562     TEL: +030-2111181640   E-mail:



Architect BScArch, DipArch, Riba II Central London Polytechnic PCL (Westminster University) 1991, Bs/Qs SbP London.

  • Registered Architect, Athens, Greece TEE 62004

  • Registered Architect Cyprus ETEK P003235

  • Registered Architect to the Greek Ministry For the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works,  category 6 (Building Design) classification B.

  • Currently principal of IdE-ARCH Architects + Associates, Athens 2007-  .

  • Senior architect at JM architects & associates LTD, ( projects refer to Museums, Schools, Airports, Sports buildings, Office buildings, Housing, Transport, Health), Athens 1996-2006.

  • Contributing editor  "EK"  magazine, Athens 2008-2009

  • Publisher of A3 Architecture magazine a bilingual architectural review with Greek and international issues on architecture, Athens 1995-1999

  • Associate lecturer in AKTO schools of interior design & Graphics, Athens 1993-1996

  • Associated with ANDRIS BERZINS Architects & associates, London,  UK 1990

                    selective works with JM Architects LTD.

1997- Estavromenos square-Egaleo historic centre, Athens.

2000- Metaxa street Glyfada -New design for commercial use, Athens.

2000- Office building for Ministry of finance-Ag. Anargyroi.

2001- New railway station at N.Hrakleion, Athens.

2001- Archeology museum in IIlida.

2001- OGA office building in Athens.

2001- IBC (international broadcasting centre) for the olympic games, Athens OAKA stadium, marousi.

2002- Feasibility study for the ag. olga hospital, Athens.

2002- Student dormitories (800 beds)-Zografoy polytechnic camp, Athens.

2002- Feasibility study for the Acheilopouleio hospital, Volos.

2003- Office buildings at ELVYN site Pireos street, Athens.

2004- Feasibility study for a new emergency wing at the general hospital ag. andreas hospital, Patras.

2005- Nursery school in Thrakomakedones area, Athens.

2005 -Nursery school in Voula, Athens.

2006- Nursery school in Kapandriti,Attica.






Interior Designer, Dipl. Interior Design. ΣΓΤΚΣ, Athens 2001.


  • Currently senior associate and co-founder of IdE-ARCH Architects + Associates , Athens 2007-

  • Associate to J. Mouzakis Architects  and Associates Ltd, Interior detailing in large scale projects , Athens. 2001-2007

  • Associate to Εfthimiades Architect & associates (interiors  for the HSBC bank branches in Greece), Athens 1999-2001

  • Associated with the Technical Department of Electric Railway Company HΣAΠ, Athens 2000





Intellectual property rights

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