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2016 The all purpose sustainable pavilion.
Areas: 6
0 m2
Owner : Private

Status: Final design stage.

Modular prefabrication and manufacturing applied to bungalow design. The  concept brings forward issues of modern living with new methods of constructions even for an off-grid function.

For vacation shelters that can be fast produced.

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is a growing method of building facilities that is proving that modern manufacturing practices can revolutionize the construction industry.
PMC relies on advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver high quality buildings in as much as a third less time than conventional construction, allowing owners to receive a return on investment (ROI) more quickly.
PMC can also deliver a more energy efficient building that will cost less to operate than a site-built structure and is constructed in a more environmentally sustainable manner.
PMC provides these benefits because 50-90 percent of the construction is completed on an assembly line in a controlled manufacturing plant environment with excellent quality control standards in place.


Because PMC relies on the entire manufacturing process, this enables the building owner to work with the architect as a single source provider for delivering a completed building.
This includes integrated design, procurement and construction processes based on high levels of technological interoperability.
PMC also provides the ability to mass produce prototype facilities – such as schools, hotels or shopping centers – where the same structure will be built on multiple sites.

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