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The XPLORE project is an innovative bungalow unit conceptualized by IdE-ARCH Architects and Associates, Athens Greece for the Greek and Southern European market that can be prefabricated as a whole on a factory and transported on any site ready for habitation.

They could become offgrid structures that incorporate sustainable principles at an affordable price.

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Manufacturing techniques have changed dramatically in recent years, leading to many innovations in how manufactured goods are made. But while the producers of cars, electronics, clothing and other consumer goods have been implementing lean or flexible manufacturing practices, the way buildings are constructed has tended to stay the same. But that doesn’t mean that the process of construction can’t benefit from and apply these same techniques. Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is a growing method of building facilities that is proving that modern manufacturing practices can revolutionize the construction industry.

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Designed to satisfy a multiple of uses and a new way to experience living in a unique way. As a summer resort, a hotel bungalow, for camp facilities, for tourist villages, or garden pavilions, xplore will always be a distinctive way of expressing a different living satisfaction.

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