Design Participation to selected projects of J. Mouzakis and Associates Architects Ltd.







1998   New Suare at the Historical Centre of Egaleo, Athens.


2000   Redefining the protective canopy to the archeological area of Thira, Santorini.

Final design stage.

2000   Public - commercial space design, Metaxa street, Glyfada Athens. Area: 5.700m2.

Final design stage.

2000   Bath Furniture design for Ideal Standard Hellas.S.a.


2000   Office building (Ministry of finance), Ag. Anargyroi, Athens.

Building Area: 3.480m2.


2001   New train station with shopping area at Irakleion, Athens.


2001   Archeological Museum at Ancient ilida. Greece.

Building Area: 1.400m2.

Final design stage.

2001   O.G.A office building, Athens.

Building Area: 9.100m2

Preliminary design stage.

2001   International Building Centre (IBC) for the Olympics of 2004 –

OAKA sports stadium, Athens.

Building Area: 163.000m2. 

Final design stage.

2002   Feasibility study for the extension of “Agia Olga “ Hospital,

N. Ionia, Athens.


Building area: 7.000m2



2002   800 housing units at NTUA, Polytechnic campus, Zografou, Athens. 15 housing units on site area 67.000m2.

Final design stage.

2002   Renovation of Panthesaliko stadium,. N.Ionia , Volos. Greece for the Olympics of 2004.

Capacity: 21.000 seats.

Final design stage.

2002   Renovation of Kaytatzogleio stadium, Thessaloniki, N. Greece for the Olympics of 2004.

Final design stage.

2002   Nursery and primary school at Roupaki, Aspropyrgos, Athens.

2002   Feasibility study for the “Ahilopouleio” Hospital, Volos, Greece.

2003   New Office buildings at an old petroleum refinery site with preserved factory buildings of ELVYN Co., Pireaus, Greece.

Building area: 18.000m2.

Preliminary design stage & Final design stage.

2004   Feasibility study and design of new wing for surgery and emergency departments at the hospital of Ag. Andreas, Patras,         S. Greece.

2004   Old people homes, Argostoli, Kefallonia island, Greece. Competition.

2005   Νursery school at Northern Athens.Building area: 650m2.   

Final design stage.

2005   Nursery school at Voula, S. Athens.Building area: 1.010m2.

Final design stage.

2005   Electrical engineers building at the Polytechnics camp, Zografos, Athens.Building area: 10.700m2.

Final design stage.

2006   Nursery school at Kapandriti, E. Athens.

Final design stage.

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